Odie is Comfy Cozy in his New Bed! #BlueberryPet


Odie is our first family pet so he might be a little bit spoiled! I admit I went overboard when we got him last year buying him everything I thought he would need. Of course, like my kids, I got it wrong the first time! I didn’t know what to buy so often when left with a decision I just went with the cheapest option being the practical person that I am! When it comes to a dog bed, however, cheaper is not better; especially when you get what you pay for!

I got his bed from a local store for around $10. It was cute but I noticed that the cushion went down pretty fast, especially after a few washes. When I ordered this bed from Blueberry Pet, I ordered the smallest size since Odie is just a five pound Chihuahua. I was literally shocked by it’s size when it came! And it’s not just the size I was impressed with; it was the quality.

I couldn’t get over how fat and fluffy it was! Odie wasted no time checking it out, and never did my one year old! He thought it was comfy enough for nap time! I guess I’ve been doing it all wrong with his sleep training too!


Seriously though, the quality, amazing! My absolute favorite thing is the dog bone pillow. I mean how cute is that? It even has a little squeaker inside so it can double as a chew toy if they are so inclined!

One side drops down so they can easily step inside without having to jump. I loved the colors and how it is two toned. The beige part happens to match my carpet perfectly, and my dog! It looks stylish but will also hide any hairs. It comes in other pretty colors and fun pattern options.


The microsuede material is super soft and I’ve noticed when he gets up, it feels super warm where his body was. Chihuahua’s are notorious for their shaking because they’re always cold. Odie is short haired with no body fat so he needs all the help he can get staying warm! There is a zipper where you can remove the padding to get the outside cleaned and it’s machine washable. It’s a little hard to get it out and back in but luckily it’s not something I’ll need to do often.

I figured I would keep his old bed in one room and this one in another since he tends to follow me and stay in whichever room I’m in. I noticed those days are over though because now he stays with the warmer, comfier bed every time!


The Blueberry Pet bed is honestly a little bit pricey and more then I would want to pay. However, after seeing the extreme difference in quality I’ve realized that dog beds are one of those things where you get what you pay for!




Product Description

There’s no sweeter time than snuggling in a warm bed. Featured with a supportive sleep surface and bolstered sides, this micro suede dog bed is the perfect spot for your furry friend to curl up and slumber. It can set an angle to provide support for your dog’s back and head. The easy step-in design and double thick fitted mattress pad can also add extra security and keep ultra-warm for your lovely dog. To create a unique piece for your lovely pet with classic style, our designer hand-picked the trendy color of tango red and champagne beige for this bed. While the reversible dog bed can be resistant to the scratching and chewing of your active dog, there is one more stunning feature- the maximum lovely neck bone pillow embedded with squeaker, which provides extra care and fun for your furry friend. Spot your pet now with this color-block ultimate reversible dog bed. Available in 2 colors: champagne beige and tango red, champagne beige and brilliant blue.



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