Getting my Toddler to Sleep in his Big Boy Bed; with a little Help! @Dreambaby #Dreambaby #Ad


Hello sleep my old friend! I’ve been waiting for you! Ever since I had my first baby seven years ago, sleep has been a thing of the past! Just when I get one sleeping through the night, the next one enters a new stage or phase where sleep is once again a thing of the past.

Jax is just twenty one months old so ideally he would still be in a crib. Unfortunately, he learned how to conquer the walls of his crib at seventeen months old! Next was the toddler bed that he would never stay in. Needless to say, I was desperate! Desperate for a sleep solution!

Last weekend we got the boys bunk beds to save space in their shared room. I hoped that putting Jax in a “big boy bed” with his favorite character sheets might do the trick! The only problem was how to stop him from falling out of bed since he’s still so young. I have seen a few different options but decided to go with a traditional bed rail.


Reed had his for years and it seemed to be the best solution for a twin sized bed with a toddler. Unfortunately we got rid of it when we were “done having kids!” The Dreambaby Harrogate Bed Rail appealed to me because of it’s ease of use and the fact that it’s extra long and tall. With it’s drop down sides it looked like the easiest way to be able to still change sheets and bedding without having to remove the whole thing.

It’s all one piece so there’s no assembly. I just followed the easy directions. One thing that Reed’s old rail didn’t have that I really liked about this one was the straps that extended to the other side of the bed for added stability and security.

I first put the two long rails under the mattress and then pulled the straps out to the other side and adjusted for a good fit. I liked that I could easily drop down the side by pulling up the two adjustments at the same time. It easily dropped down so that I could make the bed.


It was easy to work the sheets and bedding around the rail without it getting in the way much.


Once the bed was completely made I just pulled up and it clicked into place. This is my favorite feature! You hear the click and you know it’s locked. With some other kinds you have to slide things around and line up until the red lock turned to green. I always struggled with our old one and this one is easy peasy!


While I’d love to be able to say that he sleep through the night, he didn’t. What I can say is that he didn’t fall out of bed so the bed rail worked! I’m really happy with it’s ease of use, quality and effectiveness! Now to work on the sleeping through the night part!




Product Description

The Dreambaby extra long harrogate bed rail helps the child and you feel safer about making the transition from the crib to a bed. The Harrogate requires no assembly or tools and the rail folds down for easy bed making. It is an extra tall height of 18″ and also an extra wide 43″. It’s portable, easy to clean, and can be easily disassembled for storage.


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