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What little girl doesn’t love a tea party! Paige got her first tea set around two years old and has been hooked ever since. Over the years she went from a toddler set to those of the princesses she loves but one thing remains the same: she loves tea parties!

Last year she had a Princess tea party birthday and that’s what she wants to do again this year. Now that she’s a “big girl” of six years old it’s time for her first big girl tea party set.

Little girls love to play dress up and copy everything they see their moms do. It would only make sense that this would extend to their imaginative play and dress up! Paige just got her first real, breakable tea set and she couldn’t be happier!


This set comes with everything needed for a princess tea party for two including tiaras, necklaces and gloves to set the mood and the tea set itself which has ten pieces and is made of porcelain!


The tea set is absolutely beautiful and wonderful quality! It’s like a replica of a real tea set, down to the fragility of it! That made me a little nervous letting my six year old have it but she knows it is very special and delicate and we put it up out of the reach of her one year old brother when she’s not using it.

Paige has a special little table for tea parties and she loves to set the table for she and I, pick out what we’re wearing and have our party!


When a little girl hosts a tea party, of course she is in charge of everything including the serving!


Paige is notorious for breaking things but I have seen her show extreme care with this tea set. It’s a good way to teach kids responsibility by giving them something they really care about that has to be treated with care. Hopefully she has this beautiful tea set for many years to come and we can continue to share these mother/daughter moments together!


If you’re looking for a quality tea set for your little girl, this is the one!




Product Description

Adorable Isabella princess tea party set for 2 will inspire hours of imaginative dress up play for any little girl
Includes a miniature, porcelain 10 piece tea set with an exquisite rose chintz design
Includes 1 pink and 1 purple sparkling butterfly tiara headbands for princess dress up fun
2 pearl necklaces and 2 pairs of elbow length children’s gloves add a delightful touch of sophistication
Recommended for ages 3 and up


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