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Playskool and Hasbro have been around since I was a kid and I love that some of the classics like Elmo are still around. He’s come a long way though! The Play all Day Elmo is a huge upgrade from my plain stuffed animal!

The thing I immediately liked about Elmo is that he was all soft  and cuddly like a regular stuffed animal and not hard like a lot of the animals that do things are. Often this is due to the large batteries that are required but they found a way to make one without this bulk! His batteries are in his head so it leaves the body soft and squishy, much as I imagine Elmo to be!


This is also by far the most interactive of its kind! A lot of these are limited to a few phrases and motions but Elmo literally has a hundred and fifty different phrases and even after weeks of playing with him, I think we have yet to hear them all! It can entertain my kiddos for hours!

I like that there are different settings for toddler and preschool. Jax is a toddler now at 21 months but when we had friends over for a Playskool party, older friends liked the preschool setting! This can grow with your child or be used on the different settings if you have multiple children.

Even though it’s designed for toddlers and preschoolers 18 months to four years, my six and seven year olds have been playing with it. They love how interactive Elmo is and laugh every time he talks. It’s really been entertaining for all three of my children.

Here is my seven year old playing Red light, green light with Elmo!

From baby and up, kids love Elmo!


The other cool setting is between nap and play modes. In nap mode he just does mellow, relaxing things like sing lullabies to prepare your child to go to sleep. Jax has a mobile that plays music so he was already used to relaxing with music to go to sleep. This is just a funner way to do it, and a cuddly one too.


I recently hosted a party to share with our friends how much we love Play All Day Elmo and to give them some fun things to take home from Playskool!


Even though Jax had already been playing with Elmo, he didn’t really want to wait for his friends to get here to play with the cool Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex! He loved the lights and sounds it made before we even got it out of the box!


So did the rest of the boys when they got here! Designed for ages three and up, little boys will love the way he roars! They can use their imaginations to play with the included human and help him try to escape the jaws of the T-Rex! The tables might be turned if the human uses his rope to capture the T-Rex!

Even though this was the “boy” toy, the girls loved playing with them too! In fact, there was lots of interacting between the “boy” and “girl” toys!


The girls got one of my own childhood favorites, My Little Pony!


I loved that the ponies haven’t changed much and that they are modified for different ages! This particular Musical Celebration Castle is designed for 18 months and up and comes with Pinkie Pie and Starsong. It does not come with batteries so remember that if buying for a gift! The girls were happy enough to play with the castles without the sounds! In fact, the ponies went everywhere with them after they’d left the castle!


Playskool and Hasbro are classics that just keep getting better! No matter what age your child is or what they are into, there’s something for everyone. Play All Day Elmo is proof of that since he was instantly loved in my house from the youngest to the oldest!


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