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We have ALL been there; that dreaded moment you feel the sneeze building and it’s been a while since you last used the restroom. You know it’s coming. You ever so casually cross your legs, squeeze your inner thighs and brace for the impact! When it’s over, you just as subtly uncross your legs and peer down, checking for the damage. Sound familiar? If you have had a baby or two or more, it probably does! Most women after childbirth experience bladder leakage for a time. Sometimes it repairs itself but for many of us, the damage is permanent and something we just have to live with.

How do you live with that? Well, you laugh a lot, joke with your mommy friends and tell yourself it’s ok. But it’s not always ok is it? Sometimes it’s downright embarrassing! I had yet to find the solution until I heard about the Active Fit Silhouette from Depend. If you’re like me, you assumed that they were just for old people. Those are NOT for us. We’re too young for that! Well, newsflash, we aren’t!

These were designed with active women in mind! Here are some of my concerns when I heard about these before actually trying them.

  • How big are they?
  • Will people be able to see them?
  • Will they know I’m wearing a diaper?
  • AM I in fact, wearing a diaper?

Well, I’m not going to lie. They have a diaper-esque appearance to them. When I opened the package, I was not excited to put these on. But hey, I had to give them a try.


While I thought they literally looked like a diaper stuck in a pair of underwear, they didn’t feel that way, thankfully. And they didn’t look so bad either! I was even able to put them on with my Yoga pants without it being obvious. They definitely had a better fit then you would think by just looking at them.

Here is a little video I took to prove to you that you can wear them under your Yoga pants. (Disclaimer: I have a large rear end, ahem, so that bump is natural, NOT the Depend!)

While I wasn’t about to model the briefs without pants on for you, these real women did!

They are thinner than I would have thought and while they have a bit of a loose fit, they are still pretty comfortable. I’m going to lie. They take a little getting used to. But like anything else, you hardly notice them after a while. Trust me, they are much less noticeable then the tell tale wet spot from an ill timed sneeze or constant leakage while jogging or working out!


I had no idea how much something like this would cost but they are actually more affordable than I would have guessed averaging a dollar a pair. And really, you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind. Not cheap enough? There are coupon’s available!

They are available in nude and black so you can choose whatever matches what you are wearing best. I’m going to start giving these to my friends at their baby showers. Some people bring diapers for babies. I’ll be bringing them for mom! It’s one of those practical kind of gifts.


In a perfect world, there would be no bladder leakage. At the very least, it would be something we were allowed to talk about and handle with grace. While there’s still a bit of a taboo on the subject that we’re working on eliminating, at least there’s a way to protect ourselves from those embarrassing leaks. We can stay fit and active and work on losing the baby weight we ‘re carrying or whatever your fitness goal may be, without worrying about exposing ourselves.

Depend Active Fit is much more comfortable than I would have guessed and hey, if I have to wear a “diaper”, at least it’s a discreet one! Now I can run, hike, hop, skip, jump and yes, even sneeze, all that I want to!




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