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I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Virgin Mobile USA which is one of Sprint’s prepaid brands. I received two Virgin Mobile smartphones to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.vmu-top-logo

There are so many mobile phones and plans to choose from it’s positively overwhelming! With a growing family of five and two kids that already know how to use a cell phone, family share plans really appeal to me. My husband and I already share a plan and know it won’t be long now before we’re adding our kids to that plan.

I admit I didn’t know a whole lot about Virgin Mobile until I started doing some research. I have never had the need for a prepaid phone before now but the timing was perfect! My current phone actually broke and it was so easy to just activate a Virgin Mobile phone and add the Data Share with unlimited talk and text with the Data Done right plans exclusively at Walmart! I was up and running in a matter of minutes and it really made me rethink my current phone plan! No contract, no commitment and a phone I love!

I’m a Samsung lover so the Galaxy S5 was perfect for me!


Reed is my oldest and a boy so he liked the LG Tribute 2 and I think it’s mainly because it was blue!


Paige of course liked the same phone as me because she’s my mini me!


A huge plan benefit is the Data Sharing! I think if you have teenagers or kids that you worry about racking up their minutes; this type of plan is ideal! Since it’s pre-paid you don’t have to worry about them going over and you can share with up to three lines and YOU can decide how much data everyone gets.

Since I have three kids; this will definitely come in handy. I’ve already taught my older two to use the phone and it’s just a matter of time until my youngest is asking for his own. For now, they have these phones for emergency purposes only or to have if they are going somewhere without me. I’m trying to keep the days of having a phone just for fun at bay as long as possible but I know those days are numbered! They think they are just fun toys already!


Most kids and teenagers are more into the app’s than they are using the phone to actually talk! These plans offer social media and music streaming apps for just $5 more a month. This does NOT count against your data so it’s definitely worth it and includes popular app’s like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

One of the cool ways to dive up the Virgin Mobile Data Done Right plans from Walmart with multi-lines is this chore chart that helps divide up and keep track of who is using what amount of data. Put those kids to work and reward them with some data!


Check out this Video on how to use the chore chart.

I don’t know about your house but my kids are definitely motivated by rewards systems so that worker bee in your house will definitely be happy with this plan! It brings out a fun competetive-ness and puts it in their control. They are in charge of how much they earn!

Need a little more help with diving up the data or aren’t into chore charts? Well of course there’s an app for that and it’s already pre-loaded on your phone!


The Virgin Mobile USA App includes:

  • Easy activation right from  your new phone
  • Control the data amounts from each line so everyone gets what they need
  • Set curfews and control app usage, right down to the time of day
  • Manage who can call and message your family

Does it get any better than that? This gives the parents control where they want it and allowing the kids to earn their data gives them a feeling as power as well.

Here are some interesting facts about the up and coming generation of mobile phone users, specifically the data hog. We all have one. You know who you are! (Hint: see the chore chart above to see who the data hog is in our house!)

Don’t let the data hog in your house take over. Make them earn that data and then don’t allow them anymore! The Data Done Right plans from Walmart give you everything you need to share the data with a great selection of phones to choose from and since it’s part of the Sprint Nationwide Network you are covered everywhere you go!




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