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I have often made the joke but I would not have anymore children just because I couldn’t go through potty training one more time. I found it to be one of the most challenging things I’ve had to do as a parent. Obviously I was kidding since I had another baby but I was only half kidding! Now that Jax is approaching two years old, he has already begun to show interest in potty training so I am taking advantage of that and following his lead.

Having older brothers and sisters he tends to do things earlier than my first two kids do and I’m hoping this is one of them. I noticed he started trying to take his diaper off when he saw someone else using the toilet so I knew it was time to try. I got him this baby egg potty because there were a lot of things about it that appealed to me.

Since he is my third child, I have tried many different combinations of writing gear and strategies. He is definitely an independent type who wants his own potty so I figured this was the best place to start. What works for one may not work for another but I’m willing to try anything.

I liked the look of this potty immediately and there were a couple of things that really stood out to me. One that’s strictly aesthetic but still matters is it’s appearance! If a kid doesn’t like something, they aren’t going to use it. I liked the bight bold colors. Even though he’s a boy and the green and orange were more “boyish” I went with the pink and blue to match my bathroom! I have a girl and two boys so both colors go!


I had never seen this egg design before but it’s very functional and makes sense! The egg looking legs pop in easily and rest on the floor. I like that they are rounded so there is nothing for them to hurt their feet on and no cracks and crevices at the bottom like some potty’s for things to get trapped in – yuck!

One of the main things I look for, and learned the hard way with another potty, is the width of the seat itself. I had one that was already too small for him and he’s not even two yet. I can’t imagine a three year old trying to sit on it! This has a wide enough seat for him to sit on comfortably and a deep enough bowl to not splash out. It also has the small wedge in front for boys that tend to spray when sitting.

Another feature I liked is the handle in the back so it can be easily picked up and moved. Lets face it, in those early potty training days we are dragging these things from room to room wherever our child goes in the hopes of catching them at the right moment!


The other handy feature is the cover. Big toilets have covers so little ones should too! It keeps it looking nicer while in the bathroom and provides some coverage and protection if you have to take it outside of the house.

This baby egg potty definitely has Jax motivated just because he knows it’s all his own and he likes to sit on it whenever he sees someone sitting on the big potty. Getting the right gear is a huge part of potty training so I’m hoping we’re ready for success!




Product Description

Potty training? Enjoy huge fun with little mess!

As a parent you have plenty challenging duties, and Lil’ Jumbl is always here to help. Try it once, and you’ll see that nothing eases your child’s transition from diapers to sit-down toilets as well as our adorable egg potty. The comfortable rounded seat conforms to your toddler’s shape, improving safety and encouraging balance, while the colorful, easy-toclean egg is an attractive, effective solution for at-home and on-the-road potty training.

By making potty training fun again, we help both children and mommies be happy! Durable, Adorable Design

Built with a strong base and sturdy legs that feature grip pads, our egg potty supports your child’s weight and eliminates sliding for better balance and safety. And thanks to its freestanding design, no mounting or installation is required.

Superior Training Support

The contoured bowl and solid back assist your youngsters’ training by preventing mess-causing tipping and dangerous falls. Both boys and girls thus learn to sit up straight and avoid leaning when going, a key lesson in effective potty training.

Anti-Splash Design

A special deflection shield improves hygiene and protects your little one’s clothing. To encourage your tyke’s bathroom etiquette and deter spills when you move the unit for cleanup, the potty is fitted with a color-matched seat cover.

Proven to Aid Training

Lil’ Jumbl’s lineup of two-tone options allows kids to pick a potty in their favorite color combination. The fun, vibrant look piques their curiosity, which is proven to ease bathroom uncertainties while providing unmatched comfort and safety.

Can Train, Will Travel

Continue your tyke’s training on the road: The urinal’s lightweight design (2.1 pounds) and handle cutout in back enable you to take the training wherever your child goes, and discreet dimensions (11″ x 13.4″ x 11.4″) are ideal for travel.


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