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Everyone loves a good Surprize and this one will have moms everywhere cheering! Surprize by Stride Rite is now available at….wait for it….Target! Yes, your favorite shoes for kids are now sold at your favorite store!image001

In reading up on this fabulous announcement I learned some interesting facts. Did you know that 60% of kids have wide feet? I have always struggled with finding my kids shoes but I thought it was just because my family had fat feet, or Fred Flintstone feet as well call them! That is one of the reasons I choose Stride Rite but apparently it’s more normal than I realized!

I also didn’t know that you were supposed to measure your kids feet two to three times per month. Mom fail! Good to know! Live and learn and I will from now on.

The one fact that I actually was already aware of was that kids feet are not fully formed until they are five years old. That is why they need good quality shoes and shouldn’t wear hand me down shoes that have formed to someone else’s feet.

I know it’s hard to not hand me down shoes – especially Stride Rite that wear so well that they usually look new still when the kids outgrow them.

I recently got a pair from the new collection at Target for my nineteen month old Jax. He hasn’t quite grown into them yet but insisted on wearing them already. In fact, since they are Velcro coupled with the fact that they are still too big, he actually put them on himself and climbed into the car to go!


There are several adorable styles available but the ones he’s wearing are the Darion sneakers. I generally go with dark colors like this for boys shoes because they get them dirty quickly and also since it matches most of his wardrobe!


Another really cute style for the boys is the Andy sneaker for infants.


They also have several adorable girls styles! My favorite has got to be the Krisha Embroidered Fashion Boots!


There are so many adorable styles to choose from that it’s hard to narrow it down when you are shopping! Prices range between $19.99 to $29.99 so all are equally affordable.


I love shopping at Target so I’m thrilled that they have partnered with another brand that I love! These shoes come just in time for back to school if you have little ones in pre-school or daycare or even just a really little one at home like me who needs a good pair of comfy shoes to stomp around the house in!





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