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My kids love playing games! It’s so fun seeing them at 7 and 5 being able to read the directions and play games together without needing any help from the grown-ups! At a recent family gathering we brought one of the latest from Educational Insights Frankie’s Food Truck Fiasco Game for the kids to play with their cousins.


As soon as they opened the box my daughter said it reminded her of the Floppy’s Happy Hunt Game we got for Easter and it is similar in many ways. I think the thing my daughter noticed most was the main game piece tiger cat Frankie was similar to the bunny piece.


The game is designed for ages 4+ and 2 – 4 players can play.


The game is simple. Spin the spinner to place an order at Frankie’s food truck.


Look for a food that matches the same shape which is a great beginners math skill. Look out for flies and greedy guests though! The first person to complete their meal with all five courses wins!


My kids and their cousins played this for hours! Sometimes there were two and sometimes there were four but the kids were entertained for hours!

I like that it teaches math skills, thinking skills and even works on the fine motor skills of the little ones when holding Frankie and pinching the cards. It doesn’t hurt that my kids love it and it keeps them occupied for hours!

Frankie’s Food Truck Fiasco game has been a big hit in our house. Educational Insights does it again!



Product Description

A shape-tastic recipe for fun! Business at Frankie’s famous food truck is brisk! Customers just can’t satisfy their craving for this cool cat’s unique, shape-inspired menu. Kids take turns using the fun Frankie Squeezer to fill orders while they practice identifying geometric shapes, a beginning math skill, and develop fine motor skills. It’s a simple recipe for fun, but watch out for greedy guests, slippery banana peels, and other hazards. The first to deliver a 5-course meal is the winner! For 2 to 4 players. Ages 4+.


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    I would love to win this for my four year old. We love educational insight games.

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    My son & my daughter would love this!

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