Meet my New Diaper Bag / Purse / Hiking Backpack! #Review #MIUCOLOR

I am so sick and tired of carrying around a diaper bag! After three babies in seven years; I’m over it! I’ve noticed a cute trend lately of people carrying backpacks instead of diaper bags so I figured I’d give it a shot. I have my hands full all the time (as people love to remind me) so a hands free backpack really appeals to me. 71CMyq0TUFL._SL1500_

I loved the look of the MIU Color lightweight backpack and of course since I’m going to be carrying a lot of stuff in it, the lightweight aspect really appealed to me. When it arrived it was even lighter than I anticipated. I almost worried that it was cheaply made because it was so light but after careful inspection I realized that was not the case.

It’s made of a nylon material that’s lightweight but durable at the same time. You can see the quality in it.


One beneficial feature of a lightweight backpack, besides the obvious, is that it folds up into a little pocket so you could take this with you on a trip if you know you’ll be purchasing things to bring home or anywhere you might leave with more than what you came with.


I like that there are outer pockets to put things like water bottles or umbrellas; anything you want quick access to. They also have reflective tags on top of them if you are out walking or hiking at night and want to be sure to be seen.

IMG_0336There’s also an inner pocket for things like cell phones and keys that you want to make sure don’t get buried inside or that you want quick access to.


I like that it’s on the smaller side and more compact. I don’t need a big bulky backpack. Jax is 18 months now so all I really need is diapers and wipes. I don’t like taking two bags anywhere so I put my wallet in the front zipper pocket and it doubles as a purse.

I also enjoy hiking so I take this filled with just water, snacks and a first aide kit.

The MIU Color Lightweight backpack is exactly what I needed to replace several unnecessary bags in my life!



Product Description

Durable backpack: You could put your book, cloth and etc into the big inner cell, and put your water bottle and underbrella into the outer cell, a good choose for daily use and your trip.
With widened breathable mesh shoulder straps, protect your shoulders and make your trip more comfortable. You could use it for shopping, trip, school, and etc. Very practical backpack and hands-free.
Lightweight and easy to clean: The backpack make up of nylon fabric, which is water-resistant and easy to clean.
Durable and beautiful handworking backpack, it’s suitable for day-to-day use or as a gift.
Dimension: 12*16.5*6.3 inches when open; 9*5.5 inches when folded. Very easy to fold. When you don’t need it temporarily, it can be folded easily and will be Zero-footprint.


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