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What little girl doesn’t love to dress like a princess? From the time she could watch them on Disney movies my daughter has wanted to be a Princess. She even put that as her occupation on a report she did in Kindergarten on what she wants to be when she grows up.


Paige spends countless hours playing dress up and we have bought her many princess costumes to facilitate her play! The problem is that the crowns and accessories always seem to fall apart and break within days. It’s so frustrating to see something I spent decent money on break apart after only a couple of uses.

While the officially licensed crowns are adorable, they just aren’t built to last. This set of twelve mini tiara hair clips appealed to me because from their pictures at least, they looked to be good quality.

When they arrived I instantly knew that they would live up to their images! Their weight alone told me they were good quality. They weren’t cheap, lightweight crowns. They were solid and had a nice quality comb attached.


Visually they are even more beautiful than their pictures show. They are so sparkly and pretty that my daughter literally gasped when she saw them. The best part is that they are not a specific princess so their imaginations can take flight and they can be any princess they want.


While my daughter doesn’t take ballet anymore, I have seen these on many ballerinas. They look so cute on top of a bun. My daughter likes to wear them for everyday use, not just playing dress up. She even wore one to church!


When her hair isn’t in a pony tail or bun and she is just wearing it loose, I do have to put bobby pins over the comb to hold it in place but if it’s tucked into an undo it stays on its own.


If you have a princess in your house they will adore these crowns. Since there are twelve there are plenty o share with friends that come over and they are individually packaged so that you could even use them as party favors for a birthday. What a special treasure to take home instead of the usual junk that breaks. We love our princess tiaras so much I might even wear them sometimes…



Product Description

Proclaim her fame! Crown your precious birthday pixie and her royal court with our lovely, silver and rhinestone decorative hair combs. Each guest will have a memento of the fun festivities! 12 pieces.


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