How to Help a Stray Cat


We’ve all come across stray cats somewhere along the line in our lives. Unfortunately, apart from feeling sympathetic to their plight we rarely do anything about it. This will be due to a number of genuine reasons and shouldn’t bring about feelings of guilt. Stray cats can carry fleas, be aggressive and attract more stray animals. However, they should not be all tarred with the same bruch and there are ways to help stray and feral felines.


Attempting to Find the Owner

Always be careful around stray animals, even cats. Once you have established that it is friendly, you can try and find out if the poor thing has an owner. A vet will be able to scan the cat and ascertain whether it has a microchip, from there you will be able to make contact with the pet’s registered owner. If there isn’t a microchip, the national helpline 0300 0121 212 will be able to assist you in finding your nearest cats protection branch. They will also assist in providing a paper collar (with contact information on) to fit on the cat and missing posters.


It is said that feral or stray cats can benefit from being neutered in that they will gain weight and suffer from fewer health problems. It will also keep down the population of strays in your local area.

Treat Their Problems

Again, ensuring that you are being very careful you may want to attempt to cure some of the cats health problems. A trip to the vets is always beneficial. You may also want to invest in some flea treatment from Vet Medic to prevent this problem getting out of hand.

Taking in a Stray

If efforts to find the owner yield no results, you may want to adopt the cat as your own. If you would prefer not to have the cat indoors you could construct an outdoor shelter. Any kind of box with waterproof sheeting over it should do the trick.


Perhaps the best way to help stray cats en masse is to volunteer at a shelter. Cats Protection is a good resource to find your nearest shelter and look for volunteering opportunities. Volunteering will give you sense of satisfaction and will also look great on your CV. Plus it means you get to hang around with cats all day!
It bears repeating that you should always be careful with stray animals but if you follow some of the advice above you should not feel guilty about giving them some healthy foods.

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