The Dreambaby Strollerbuddy Extenda-Shade is Great for Umbrella Strollers! @Dreambaby #Dreambaby


Why is it that umbrella strollers never seem to provide enough cover? They always have this flimsy cover that basically is good enough to shade your baby’s face but nothing else. Their little legs are left hanging out with full exposure to the sun. The bigger they get, the more that’s exposed.

When I saw that there was a stroller buddy extenda-shade I thought this would be the perfect solution! It basically gives enough cover so that my eighteen month old is completely covered by shade which is so important in these hot summer months.

It’s easy enough to put on with ties and velcro to attach to most strollers. I will say that I tried it with my regular stroller and because of the design it didn’t fit well but that one has a longer shade so didn’t really need it like the small umbrella stroller.

When I saw it come in this little bag I wasn’t sure how sturdy it would be and if it would really stay up on it’s own but it did!


I like that it has UPF 50+ so it’s really double the protection between the shade and the UPF.

Jax has a nice, beautiful tan and doesn’t burn easily but that doesn’t mean I want him having any unnecessary exposure to the sun. For his protection, and comfort, I really like this Extenda-Shade for his umbrella stroller. It’s a great solution to the poor design of many lightweight strollers!




Product Description

The Dream baby Stroller buddy Extenda-Shade is part of our brand new range of stroller shades which protect your child from the sun’s rays with ease and style by extending the stroller’s shade. Featuring a UPF of 50+ protection, you can be assured your little one will be safe on those bright days. The Extenda-Shade is suitable for use on larger strollers that have a canopy. They fold away for easy storage and come with a clear, reusable plastic bag making them perfect for travel.


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