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My seven year old Reed got his first Bible for Christmas now that he is officially a reader. While we love most things about the Bible, I do regret getting the King James Version for a first grader. The Bible can be hard enough to understand without adding difficult terminology to it.

When I saw The Holy Bible New International Readers Version from The Beginners Bible series we have been enjoying so much of, I thought it would be a better fit for him.

The NIV was always my version of choice and with the addition of the NIRV, it’s even better for new readers to understand.

This week at church they learned about Daniel and the Lions Den and both my 5 and 7 year olds were obsessed with this story! While we normally read from children’s books and stories, I thought this would be a great opportunity to start showing them how to read from the Bible. First they read from Treasury of Bible Stories which is great for all three ages. Then I showed them the Bible and used the Table of Contents to show them how to look up the books of the Bible, in this case Daniel.


I love how Reed was immediately intrigued by this and I knew it was the right time to start reading from the regular Bible for him! We read Bible stories with all three kids every night but now I’m having Reed look up the story in this Bible as well.

Once we turned to Daniel, we read the introduction. I really like that this explains who wrote the book and what it is about. There is then an outline of contents that shows the main stories and where they can be found. I really love this breakdown! I didn’t have to search for the lions den story because it was right there for me!

Other great things about this Bible include the unique presentation page. I have seen these before but this is the first one that includes a second page for the child to fill out. What a great memory!


The print in this Bible is very large! I really appreciate this because it seems like small print is a staple in Bibles these days. For children that are just learning to navigate a Bible for the first time, large print is a huge help!

The other really useful tool is the dictionary of key Bible words. This is perfect for kids to learn to look up things they don’t understand as well as having it right at their fingertips so they don’t have to go to another book or Google it!

Lastly, my absolute favorite feature is the reading plan of 150 Bible stories! This is the perfect way to get kids reading their Bible with stories they are already familiar with. It’s so hard to know what to read with kids because you want them reading the Bible but it’s hard to know where to begin. This is a great way to do it!

I’m really excited about The Holy Bible NIRV and the way that we as a family have incorporated it into our family devotions.



About the Book

Ready for your first “real” Bible? Great! You’ll love how you can read this Bible all by yourself. The print is easy to read and The Beginner’s Bible® art is fun and will help you better understand the stories in the Bible. Features include: • Presentation page so you can make this Bible your own • Complete text of the King James Version • Large print (11.5-point font) is easy to read • 20 full-color pages of The Beginner’s Bible illustrations help you better understand the stories • KJV dictionary concordance will help you when you come to a word you don’t know • Words of Christ in red to easily see where in the Bible Jesus speaks


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