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Last night I took Paige and a friend to see Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey presents XTREME at the Citizens Business Bank Arena.


Before the show started we went down to the floor and watched some pre show action. The girls enjoyed watching the BMX perform close up and meeting some performers.


Paige’s favorite was seeing a close up of the youngest elephant! I was too busy trying to hold her up over the crowd to get a picture but it was definitely a favorite moment!


As a child I remember going to the very same circus and I love that my favorite acts are still a part of it but there’s also plenty of new ones to enjoy!

As an animal lover my favorite was and still is the elephants so I’m happy Paige and I share this love of them! They look so happy go lucky and always perform amazing feats for their size! How do they stand on that little drum and balance their 10,000 pounds. Amazing!


A love for animals also includes the beautiful tigers! They always make me a little bit nervous for the trainer but I guess that’s part of the excitement!


One of the newer acts I don’t recall seeing in past years is the two humped Bactrian camels and the Mongolian Cossack Riders that perform with them. My daughter really liked them as a camel is something you don’t see every day. It doesn’t hurt that the performers reminded her of Princess Jasmine!


A couple other acts make me nervous too! I almost can’t watch the Danguir Troupe tight rope acts and the Wheel of Steel that looks like a human hamster wheel! I have to look away at times and Paige was the same way! What incredible strength and talent they possess!


The Circus is always filled with excitement and talent unlike any other I have seen before! It continues to be a family tradition we cherish!



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