CeraVa Baby is Safe on Jax’s Delicate Skin and Protects him from the Sun! @ceraveskin #cerave


We are in the dead heat of summer and with three kids at home, we get out as much as possible! Sunscreen is as routine to us as putting on our shoes at this point. There has been a lot of disturbing information in the news lately about the spray on sunscreens we used to use for convenience. With Jax’s lung issues still undiagnosed and all of my children’s general health and well being, I immediately tossed them and looked for replacements.

The CeraVe baby sunscreen appealed to me because it’s a lotion with all natural ingredients and no fragrances or anything extra added to it. That’s exactly the type of product I want to use on my kids, especially Jax with his delicate baby skin.

The lotion itself is nice and thick and takes some work to rub it in. This helps assure me that he is getting good coverage and protection from the sun for up to one hour. I like that it doesn’t really have a scent as the smell of sunscreen has always bothered me.

For after sun care we tried the baby moisturizing cream. Again, this isn’t like your typical products because it’s a much thicker, additive free lotion that provides deep moisturizing to baby’s delicate skin. It is also fragrance free but still somehow gives him a baby smell when applied. It’s thick and creamy and leaves his skin soft and smooth.

It’s really important to me to use products on my kids that are safe and don’t have anything extra added that they don’t need that could be potentially harmful in the long run. CeraVe baby gives me comfort and peace knowing my baby’s skin is being well cared for.



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