Money Saving Tips when Traveling Abroad in Barcelona

Barcelona is a destination that is sought after for its impeccable cuisine, architectural atmosphere and sun. There is also a great nightlife to experience with the locals. Be sure to taste some local delicacies and signature dishes on your trip too.

Saving on Airfare

When you need to book international travel, it is ideal to work with a travel agent. Agents have access to travel packages and special pricing that aren’t offered to the general public. You can also save on airfare by booking well in advance and booking hotel accommodations at the same time.
Package deals, such as rental vehicles along with airfare or entertainment packages are also discounted. Discounts on packages are usually better during off-peak season travel, so keep that in mind as well.

Saving on Hotels

As you prepare to book a hotel or resort, finding the best deal with the best accommodations is ideal. You can save money on hotels in Barcelona by booking in advance and by visiting during the off-season. Discounts on hotels are also available via travel agents, competitive websites and by booking your flight with a hotel.
Some services offer alerts and partial refund checks if another guest books the same accommodations for a lower price.

Dining for Less

Obtain the local newspaper if you’re able to translate the written language and look for daily deals at local restaurants and cafes. You will also notice specials posted on sidewalk chalkboards. Take advantage of these specials and consider sharing larger entrees.

Tapas restaurants are also ideal. These are small plates that can be shared among a few people. When you need to maintain a dining budget, this is an ideal option to consider.
You can still have your dream vacation and save money. Start planning at least 9 months in advance as prices and entertainment availability may change. Create a vacation budget and make your arrangements accordingly. Additional savings and free activities are likely once you arrive in Barcelona and explore the city some. Ask local gift shop owners and bi-lingual business owners about local events, free events and free attractions to see while you’re there. The locals always know the best places to visit to make a trip memorable.

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