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I really like how there are so many different kinds of books in The Beginners Bible series from Zondervan. From storybooks to Bibles and books for early readers; there really is something for every age group. With three kids at differing reading levels and stages of life I really appreciate this!

Jesus Shows God’s Love is a book for little ones close to my five year old daughter’s age. This one is more of a theme than an individual story and that theme is love! It goes through a bunch of different summaries of Bible stories, all centered around God’s love.

When I finished reading it to Paige I asked her what the book was about and she did understand that it was about love so it does a good job of getting this through. The word love is on every page and it’s a great message to give to kids.

Overall, Jesus Shows God’s Love wasn’t my favorite to read but the message got through to the age that it was directed towards and so I guess the mission was accomplished! It was just a little too surface for me but I guess that’s what an overall theme is more about than diving deep into one particular story. It’s a quick, easy read for little ones and perfect for them to think about right before bedtime when darkness and fears creep in.



About the Book

After Jesus is baptized, he chooses his disciples and begins his work. Young children will learn about Jesus’ mission on earth, teaching the message of God’s love to his disciples and people everywhere.

Jesus’ ministry comes to life in Jesus Shows God’s Love using the art from the popular The Beginner’s Bible.

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    Jesus Shows God’s Love #TheBeginnersBible #BookReview @Zonderkidz #Zonderkidz

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