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Sometimes it really is just the littlest things that help to make life easier. As a busy mom of three, I do everything I can to simplify my life, make things easier and faster! You just can’t put a price tag on that. Actually, sometimes you can and in this case it’s just $4.99!

The Dreambaby stroller hook clip is all about making life just a little bit easier.


The Clip Buddy easily attaches to strollers, shopping carts or even belt loops to attach things you don’t want to carry. Moms need to be hands free and this helps us do that!

To put it to the test I attached Jax’s heavy diaper bag to a grocery cart when I was shopping. The velcro actually held on strong and didn’t loosen at all. It is obviously good quality. It’s long and thick enough to go around a bag straps and whatever it is being attached to.

The only problem I ran into was attaching it to my stroller and then removing the baby BEFORE the bag. The stroller tipped over. Obviously this isn’t a threat with something heavy like a grocery cart and certain types of strollers but beware with the lightweight strollers!


I also used the Clip Buddy in a pinch when my son was doing a day camp and needed to keep a water bottle on him. I couldn’t find the bottle clip so I used this one and it worked just as well!

The Clip Buddy is a great little accessory for moms to have. We are already outnumbered so we can’t really afford to not have our hands free!



Product Description

The Dreambaby clip buddy is a super-strong, built to last tool for taking the hard work out of carrying shopping and other bags around, while you take care of your child in a stroller.



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