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My eighteen month old Jax is the first of my children to have sensitive skin. Sadly for him diaper rashes are a regular part of his day to day life and I really struggle to watch what he eats and what I put on his skin to avoid breakouts and rashes. When I saw that WaterWipes were 99.9% water I thought there was nothing more pure that I could use on his skin!

The thing that I immediately noticed the first time I used it is how soft they are! I have never felt a softer wipe. That made me feel good about putting it on such tender places on my baby.

Jax had a diaper rash when I used them the first time and usually this results in a scream filled diaper change. I couldn’t believe it when I touched this to the affected area and he didn’t scream! I think the coolness of them actually soothed him and since there was no alcohol in them, it didn’t burn like traditional wipes do. It left me wondering why on earth all wipes aren’t made this way!


Since wipes are primarily used for cleaning a babies diaper area, the alcohol ingredient that is known to disinfect isn’t really necessary. Cleaning the area alone takes out the risk of infection so there’s really no need to aggravate their tender skin with unnecessary additives and ingredients like those that provide scents.

After using WaterWipes on Jax and seeing how he responded to them, or more specifically, how he didn’t respond to them, I’ll never go back to regular wipes. I am so thrilled to have found something so pure and chemical free for his skin and so affordable!

WaterWipes is a premier European Brand that is now available to use at Babies “R” Us and right now they have a special limited time offer on these wipes.


As you can see by this special, they are really no pricier than traditional wipes at 2 for $6 and are so much better for babies skin. Take advantage of this great deal and try these WaterWipes today and I’m guessing like me, you never go back to traditional!



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