The Car-Go Toy Car Playmat and Storage Bag Keeps Jax Entertained! #Review #CARGOBAG


Jax is eighteen months old now and in typical boy fashion, he loves cars! His love started early and he points them out on the road now and car was one of his first words. With an older brother and sister we do a lot of things on the go. His life is basically watching theirs at this point! We do things like swim practice three nights a week and Cub Scouts where he basically just has to sit and watch. As soon as I saw this Car-Go Toy Car Playmat I knew it was the perfect solution for entraining him!


It’s a cut mat with little roads and buildings so he can drive his cars around on it. The best part is that it folds up into a handy carrying bag so that the cars are already right inside!


There’s a little pocket on the outside for storing the excess string so you aren’t tripping on it. The outside of the bag is a really cute pattern as well, with cars of course!

The bag itself is a good, sturdy material and after using for a month we haven’t had an issues. I like that the material is a slippery material that you can just wipe clean since we’ve already had some spills on it. Jax doesn’t like sand yet so he played with this during an entire day at the beach recently. It has really come in handy for us!


If you have a child that loves cars, this is a great way to keep them entertained on the go and store all the cars in the handy Car-Go Bag!



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Are you constantly tripping, slipping and falling on your childs toy cars ??
The Superior Imagination Car-Go Bag is the Perfect item for you!!
The Superior Imagination Car-Go Bag is a unique Play, Store and Travel solution for your child’s toy cars or any other toys.

The Bag can Easily Hold up to 50 toy cars when it is closed, and is a beautiful 28 inch play-mat when open.
The Play-Mat features a small town that includes many roads a parking lot, police station, construction site, school and lots of other details to spur the imagination and for hours of play.
When Closed, the bag can easily hold 50 toy cars, In order to keep the sealing string neat, the bag also includes a small pocket on the outside to keep the string neat and safe.

Key Features:
Great Storage — Travel and Play Solution for your child’s toy car
Interior Playmat Provides Hours of fun
Size: 71 Cm (28 Inches) Diameter
Bag Easily Holds up to 50 cars
Great Gift for the imaginative child and the organized mother!!


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