Cruisin’ in Style with the Velocity Boards Retro Cruiser 22″ Skateboard #Review #VelocityBoards


My kids love to be outside and now that it’s summer, we basically live there! Last year Paige got a pink skateboard and Reed always said he wanted one too but it had to be a “boy color.” Funny at this age how a color can make the difference for a kid using something but in my house it does! The new Retro Cruiser from Velocity Boards was exactly what Reed had in mind. He got the orange with blue wheels but there’s a huge variety of colors to choose from, even pink for the girls!


I don’t have a whole lot of personal experience with skateboards, other than attempting to ride my kids, but I know quality when I see it! I was already impressed with the style and selection but when it came, I was really pleasantly surprised by the board.

I thought since it was so affordable at $52.95 (low compared to many name brands) that it wouldn’t be that great. It’s nice and solid and it’s a smooth ride with nice wheels, as I discovered once I was able to balance and stay on it for more then ten seconds!


Reed has had a lot of fun trying to ride the skateboard and since he’s only seven, he’s still figuring out the logistics of basic riding. The beauty of the Retro Cruiser is that because of it’s quality, I know it’ll be around to grow with him!




Product Description

Package Includes: Velocity Boards Retro Cruiser Complete 22″ Banana Skateboard w/ Aluminum Trucks, Fast ABEC-7 Bearings, High Quality Wheels & Bushings


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