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This is the perfect first Noah’s Ark book for baby from The Baby Beginners Bible! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a board book for babies that is basically a story but with one word on each page like the educational books that teach babies words.

We have a few books like this that have a picture of something like an apple with the word on the bottom or a boat with just the word boat. This is the same concept but goes through the story of Noah’s Ark.

For example, the first page is a picture of Noah with just his name on the bottom. In pictures it goes through the story of Noah’s Ark and highlights just one word of the main idea on the bottom. The pictures are very simple and basic for baby so that they will know exactly what that word is referring to.

At the end of the book is the whole story written out directly from the Bible if you want to read it in it’s entirety at the end. I found it interesting that it was at the end of the book and not the beginning.

We have really been enjoying The Beginners Bible from Zonderkidz and I love that there are books like this so that even baby Jax can enjoy these stories!



About the Book

Noah’s Ark, based on the bestselling storybook Bible of all time, is part of the Baby Beginner’s Bible board book series crafted for parents to share with their youngest children to experience the Bible through colorful illustrations and simple words. For added benefit, the complete story of Creation is told at the end of the book.

Other books in this series include Creation, Daniel and the Lions, and Jonah and the Big Fish.

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