The Dreambaby Lady Bug LED Night Light Helps Paige Feel Less Alone at Night! #Review @Dreambaby #Dreambaby


My five year old daughter Paige loves ladybugs so when I saw a ladybug nightlight, I had to have it for her!

We have had several different types of night lights between my three kids and this is my favorite, as well as hers.

It’s bigger than your regular nightlight and looks more like a toy. The nice thing is it’s sturdy and well made enough that it can be both. Paige likes to carry it around and play with it outside like it’s a real nightlight.

Since it’s summertime my bedtime rules are a bit more lax so she’s even taken this to the park when we are there after dusk so that she doesn’t get scared!

The nightlight’s regular spot is on her nightstand and it casts a nice big glow. I like how the clear rim around the bottom even lights up underneath onto the table making the glow even brighter.


My favorite feature is that it shuts off on its own after thirty minutes so the batteries aren’t wasted. My kids play hard so it really only takes her about five minutes to fall asleep so sometimes I go in and shut it off with the easy press button on back.

I also like that the button is on top so that you don’t have to pick it up to turn it off so there is no disturbing the sleeping child!


We have used this every week for about a month with the same batteries so it’s not a huge energy consumer. I also think that the fact that it’s a ladybug makes her feel like she has a friend keeping her company at night.

If she wakes up and is scared she can turn it back on herself and this makes for many less trips to my room which makes me happy! It gives a whole new meaning to the name Dreambaby!



Product Description

Dreambaby Ladybug Night Light is an adorable way to give your children a sense of security and ease their fear of the dark. With its one touch operation and 30 minute auto shut off, there’s no more fumbling in the dark and is less likely to disturb sleeping children. It’s illuminated with long-life LED bulbs that are rated to last up to 50,000 hours.



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