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I have never liked crib mattress covers! It’s just another step in making the baby’s bed and they are always so darn hard to get on and stay on! Since the crib sheets are usually even tighter and more challenging to get on, it’s tempting to skip the crib mattress cover altogether. But anyone with a baby knows it’s a necessity! Between spit up in the newborn months to blowouts into toddlerhood, it’s one of those necessary evils.

While I still haven’t found great fitting sheets, the Bamboo crib mattress cover has proven to be a pleasant surprise. There was a lot of give and stretch on the sheer side portions that actually go over the sides and corners on the mattress and since it overlaps by 9″, there’s still good protection and no worry about the corners coming undone.


The material itself is a little on the rough side texture wise but it doesn’t really matter since a sheet goes over it. That just lets me know there’s an added layer of protection between my baby and the mattress itself.


I have tried a few other things in Bamboo and have been really happy with it’s wear and tear and I like knowing it comes from something in nature. It also comes with a bonus waterproof flannel change pad which is perfect for when you just want to lay the baby on a floor or couch if no changing table is available.

While I would consider a crib mattress cover a necessity, I’m happy to report it doesn’t have to be an evil one!



Product Description

Fitted crib and toddler mattress protector. It is made from ultra soft and luxurious terry weave Bamboo it is a 9 inch deep pocket and it also includes free bonus change pad. The mattress protector and change pad are both leak proof and waterproof and hypo allergenic they are also breathable and washable and are great at repeling stains. The overall size of the mattress protector is 52x28x9 so it will fit all standard crib mattresses.


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