Ozeri ZB21-W Weightmaster 400-Pounds Digital Bath Scale with BMI and Weight Change Detection @Ozeri #Ozeri


Scales have come such a long way since I was a kid! Who else remembers the old school ones that you would watch the little arrow indicator quickly jump when you stepped on the scale and then tick tick tick back and forth until it finally settled on the dreaded number? Those days are long gone! Digital scales have completely changed the way we weigh ourselves.

As a woman quickly approaching forty, weight has suddenly become an issue for me. Having my last baby at 38 made losing the baby weight a real struggle. I finally got the weight off after almost a year but have had a hard time keeping it off this time. Between leg surgery and the daily grind of raising three kids, I don’t always find the time to exercise and my body pays the price.

Now that I’m back to full, regular workouts I’m really making the effort to lose the extra five pounds I gained in the last month. The thing I like most about the Ozeri Weightmaster is that keeps track for me so that I don’t have to!


In classic red and green, colors that we associate with stop and go, it tracks weight loss or gain for the last three and seven weigh ins. You first have to program it with your height and then it’ll track your progress for you!

The scale itself is lightweight and white and blends right in to virtually any bathroom. It has a nice, sleek design so it ads to the decor instead of being an eyesore like the old clunky kind!


The Ozeri Weightmaster scale is really motivating me to lose weight. There’s something psychological about seeing numbers in red that helps get me back on track. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing that green!


Product Description

BMI with Weight Change Detection Technology-Instantly displays your BMI (Body Mass Index), current weight, and your net weight change since your most recent weigh-in, last 3 and 7 weigh-ins
Accurate Weight Tracking with 7 Day Memory- By measuring your weight once a day, the Ozeri WeightMaster empowers you to see how your weight changes from the previous day, the last 3 days and the previous week
Smart LCD with Color Alert Technology – allows you to focus on your weight trend instead of the actual numbers by displaying your weight change in color, with a GREEN illumination for weight loss and RED illumination for weight gain
Immediate and Flawless Results-Performs and displays all calculations on the scale’s LCD without complicated synching or data connection failures common to more expensive wireless and Bluetooth alternatives
Quality Construction with Built-in Intelligence-Weighs up to 400 lbs with auto-recognition technology for 5 unique users. Auto-calibrates with StepOn technology. Made out of impact-resistant glass, and equipped with non-slip scratch-resistant-Feet



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