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It’s summertime and one of the things that shocked me this year that I hadn’t heard before was the statistic that 84% of teachers believe kids lose a large percentage what they learned over the school year if it isn’t reinforced in the summer. That is HUGE! I’m all for my kids having summer off and lots of fun but we worked too hard during the school year to lose that much! I figured the perfect solution was having them reinforce what they learned while having FUN so they don’t know it’s like school!

Carson-Dellosa offers a wide variety of things including physical books you can order and work on and online summer activities. Of course since my kids are 5 and 7, they are all about the online activities! Hint: this also helps cover up the fact that they are doing something educational. It’s not as obvious as a book. Shhhhh

Signing up for an account is easy and best of all, FREE! Yes, free! We have signed up for a couple of websites we had to pay for so I was happy to see they offered a free one. It just shows that they really believe in their program.

I signed up in about two minutes using my Facebook account and the menu to make selections was really easy. You can start by searching by grade/age and I really wanted to work with my seven year old Reed on this who is going into second grade. He learned so much this year and is reading on his own completely so it’s easy to get him set up and off and running.

When I selected second grade 430 options came up! You can narrow it down if you are looking for something specific to Type, Subject, Color and Month. Math tends to be the thing that kids lose the most of that seems to be the most important since math builds on what is learned the year before. When I selected math it narrowed it down to 94 options. That was still overwhelming so I went back to Type and selected Practice Pages. This brought it down to 29 so then I just had Reed pick a couple that looked interesting to him and downloaded them.

There are all different kinds of activities and worksheets so it really covers all different learning types. There are some with pictures for more visual learners, things like coloring sheets for the artistic type and regular pages for those like Reed that learn best when it’s in plain black and white. I like that the directions are very clear. In fact, more clear than a lot of Reed’s homework that had what I call “fuzzy language.”

For example, on a math sheet he did the instructions read: “Add or subtract. Use regrouping when needed. Always do ones and tens last.” I really liked that it had these reminders for him about what he should know but might not remember exactly.  After doing many sheets over several days I found it was really in line with what he had learned and he enjoyed doing them. That was the best part!

I am happy Reed is enjoying the Carson-Dellosa free online summer activities and that it’s helping him retain all that he worked so hard to learn. I am happy he is getting a jump start on second grade for a successful year ahead!



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