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I am a coffee drinker. It’s my one small vice in life that I just can’t live without. I drink it every morning and unfortunately my teeth have paid the price!

I start to notice their discoloration every year and I used to use the white strips to whiten them. While they were effective enough, I really hated the whole process. The strips never easily stayed in place and would slip around on my teeth and after a few uses made my teeth really sensitive!

That’s why I was eager to try the Premium Teeth Whitening kit from Justified Laboratories.

I was always intimidated by these kids. I assumed they would be complicated and difficult to use. This is one instance where I’m happy to be wrong!

The kit came with everything I needed and there was no assembly or anything complicated.

It contains the syringes with the whitening gel, the tray to put them in and the light.

The instructions were simple. Just put a drop of gel on the top and a drop on the bottom of the tray and spread it around. Insert in mouth and them put the piece with the light on it on top and wait 20 minutes.


I was a little worried this would be uncomfortable or make me drool a lot but it did neither. My teeth rested comfortably around it and I just did normal things around the house and 20 minutes passed quickly.

This is supposed to be repeated for ten days but I saw results after each day and I’ve only been doing it for three. I don’t know if I will even need to do a full ten days but I’m just going to see every day how it looks until they look white enough to me!

This is a really simple, painless and affordable way to whiten my teeth! The kit comes with so many syringes I’ll be able to use it several times!



b068dd256494d2588a35a2d5c00f999e0f682978Product Description

Justified Laboratories teeth whitening products deliver professional dental office results in the comfort of your own home. Our proprietary gel formula is manufactured in a state of the art FDA approved laboratory. The results speak for themselves and we have thousands of satisfied customers. Our teeth whiting kit’s safely and effectively whitening teeth. Get longer lasting results than laser whitening without the price. Our formula sticks to the tray and firmly holds against your teeth to whiten 4 times faster than over the counter bleach. Our gel is quick and easy to use and the results are guaranteed! After purchasing our kit you need to commit just 15 minutes per day to using this proven system. You will be on your way to having the smile you’ve always dreamed of! *On The Go Pen & Vitamin E Swab’s Sold Separately*



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