A Parent’s Duty: How To Raise Money For Your Local School


Schools are a vital part of all communities, so it’s important that whenever you get ‘that’ call from the parent-teacher association, you step right up and do your bit. The better education our children receive, the better it will be for all the neighborhoods that you live near.

So what are you going to do? Well, I’ve been thinking about a few ideas that I thought I would share with you. Some are easier – and less daring – than others, but all should do what they are supposed to and raise that vital money for your local school. Let’s get started right away.

Get Fit For Learning

I’ll be honest with you – I’m not going to try this just yet. But getting parents together to achieve something involving fitness is a great way to get people together. And, of course, raise some hard cash for where it’s needed. Contact a local sports club to see if they will help you organize an event. The likelihood is that there will be kids that are club members, so it’s a perfect chance for the wider community to get involved. You can do anything you like – a sponsored run, perhaps. But bear in mind that people’s fitness levels may be very different, so make sure you allow for that in your planning. If people set a goal and try to achieve it, that’s all you can ask for. It doesn’t matter if they run 400 yards or 40 miles.

Brick In The Wall

If your school is raising money for a new building, or even just to a repair a damaged wall, then how about this for an idea? Laser engraved bricks are an excellent way to provide – quite literally – the building blocks for learning in your community school. You can set a price per brick, or even set up an auction. The highest bidder would get pride of place, but everyone can play a part in the new building work. Given the tradition of engraved foundation block in this country, it’s likely that this could be a winning idea. We all like to think we contribute to something, but having your name up there proves it!

Go Without

Many different faiths have periods of the year when they are encouraged to give things up. So why not encourage it to raise money for your school? A sponsored fast is easy to do – if a little different to control and anybody can get involved, no matter what their lifestyle choices are. It’s best to leave the choice of what to give up to whoever is fasting, as we all have different vices! Of course, you really need something to look forward to at the end, so I would heartily recommend a bake off in the school hall for the final day. After all, by that stage, you will all have probably earned it.

Do you have any ideas for community fundraising of any kind? Whether it’s for school, sports club or local church, I’d love to hear about it. Get in touch and let me know!


The IE Mommy

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