My First Lift and Learn Dino Puzzle #Review #LearningJourney

da6bbc5b6ae0546a4dcf1b5b903e68d9d7602a3fWe absolutely love puzzles in my house and have many different kinds for all different ages and stages. Jax is my youngest at 17 months and even though puzzles like this My First Lift and Learn Dino Puzzle from Learning Journey are for kids 2+, he still attempts to do them and is actually getting pretty good at it! I think since he’s my third child and has an older brother and sister who love to help him, he tends to pick up on these things faster than my first two did.

Jax is a typical boy and already into dinosaurs and likes to making little “roaring” sounds so he was pretty excited to see this. It has eight different bright, fun pictures of dinosaurs to put back where they belong. The thing that I like about this that’s appropriate for toddlers is that the space where it goes has the picture of the actual dinosaur. I think as they get older it’s good to have the picture removed so they have to think harder but at this age, they are just figuring it all out. It’s great for their small motor skills and thinking skills to match the appropriate piece.

The pieces don’t go as thick and deep as wooden puzzles and Jax struggled a little with forcing them in and getting them in place. But again he’s six months away from the recommended age so I think that will come in time.

The thing I like about puzzles as a mom is that the kids think they are just a fun toy but I know they are learning and working those little brains! The Lift and Learn Dino Puzzle is a great first puzzle for the little ones, especially boys that are into dinosaurs!



Product Description

This My First Lift & Learn tray puzzle features a dinosaur theme that will help engage your child in an interactive learning experience. The pictures are printed under the pieces to guide younger children in solving the puzzle. My First Puzzle sets are a great way to help your toddler begin developing their tactile and problem solving skills. Each puzzle measures 15” x 11”. Ages 2+ years.


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    My First Lift and Learn Dino Puzzle #Review #LearningJourney

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