The Dreambaby 3 Stage Baby Gum & Tooth Care Takes Care of Baby’s Early Dental Needs @Dreambaby #Dreambaby


Jax loves brushing his teeth! I have no idea why. He just wants to be a big boy I guess and do everything that his big brother and sister do. He watches them and repeats everything that they do.

Good brushing habits start early, even before the teeth have actually broken through! Dream baby has a 3 stage gum & tooth care to cover all their early needs.

I started massaging Jax’s gums before the teeth even came through with stage 1. This brush looks a little strange and his little plastic nubs on it that almost look like little teeth buds. I think this felt good on his gums and actually helped with teething pain because he liked chewing on it!

I then used stage two which has more defined bristles but still plastic once the teeth actually broke the skin. This one is also great for teething pain and starts to get them used to the sensation of having their teeth brushed early on.

I finally switched to the stage 3 regular brush when his teeth came in more. While this is like a standard toothbrush, it’s nice and short and small to make it easy to brush their teeth and all three are curved like easy access.

If your child is anything like mine they will want to brushing their teeth on their own in no time! The Dreambaby 3 stages are everything baby needs for that first year of dental care to develop good habits early and prevent major problems later.



Product Description

Taking care of baby’s gums and teeth should start early to promote healthy dental habits. With its compact head and soft bristles Dream baby Toothbrush Set is a 3 stage baby gum and teeth care ensures great oral hygiene for developing teeth. The ergonomic easy grip handle encourages your toddler to learn correct brushing techniques. The Dream baby Toothbrush Set is excellent for teething babies and the 3-step training system follows dental development, ensuring their health. Stage 1 brush : gently massages sore and tender gums. Stage 2 brush: great for cleaning and massaging cavities, gums, tooth rim and baby teeth. Stage 3 brush: ensures great oral hygiene for developing teeth.


Also Available in Pink and Blue

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