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All three of my kids still love bath time, even my seven year old son. It’s something that just never gets old to them. What does get old though is the toys and entertainment in the tub. They get tired of playing with the same things in there just like anywhere else so I try to rotate the toys between the two bathrooms and always get them a new bath toy for their birthday or Christmas.

Toys that sit at the bottom of the tub tend to get slimy and just gross. I have thrown away many a bath toy out of disgust. That’s why bath toy organizer’s are absolute necessities!

The thing I really like about this particular one is that it has some nice big holes on the bottom for everything to drip dry out of. I have my kids clean up their toys when they are done with their bath just like they would any other area in the house.

The kind of fun thing about this one too is because it’s removable and has a handle, it doubles as a scoop so they like to scoop up their toys to clean up.


I really like the bright fun colors because it catches their eye and they like to play with it. Then when they are done they can just hang it on the wall. It’s easy to attach anywhere in the tub with the suction cups that are included and then it just hangs right on it.

This bath toy organizer has been a lot of fun for my kiddos and it makes me happy because it keeps their toys from getting moldy and gross AND actually makes them want to clean up! Double win!



Product Description

MAKE BATH TIME A FUN GAME! Fast clean up and fun activities for both parents and kids. Easy to use and install. Good sturdy suction clips stick on tiles without drilling holes needed

AIR DRY: Use this bath toy organizer to scoop, drain, rinse and store a large number of bath toys and bathing accessories within seconds. No worries of mold or mildew. Our brackets have holes to let the toys air dry quickly and naturally

NEAT PRACTICAL design with a LARGE bracket (8.2″ W x 11.4″ L) and a 4.7″ mouth. Can hold up to maximum 4.5 kgs/10 lbs

100% SAFE TOP QUALITY! Non-toxic, BPA-Free, Phthalate-Free, PVC-Free. Made of high quality eco-friendly PP plastic (met European standard with SGS certification). Purple-Green color for boys and girls

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: 100% customer satisfaction. Comes with a guide on Nutrition For Kids

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