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I had to take a month off of working out after leg surgery and I knew starting over again wasn’t going to be easy! These hot summer months make me even less motivated to workout than I already was!

I’m not all that picky about my workout clothes but I do have a couple requirements that I can’t compromise on. The main one is comfort.

It’s is HOT right now! It’s hard enough to be motivated to work out without having clothes that make me hotter. The first thing that appealed to me about the Balini workout clothes was the mesh cutouts! My skin can breathe and doesn’t feel like it’s suffocating when I’m working through the pain. Their strategic location ads to the overall aesthetic design which is a fun bonus. Their bright color really pops against the black. There’s even mesh right at the waste and it’s nice if you like a little extra coverage there as well.


The LoveWithin Capris I tried are also just comfortable overall. I like how they fall mid calf so they mostly cover my legs but leave a little open to breathe. If you go by my measurements my waist is considered a small while my hips are medium. I have that pear shape on the bottom that is really difficult to buy clothes for. I get a medium to be safe and I was really happy with the overall fit. I didn’t have any gapping at the waste and nothing was too tight.


On top I tried a Miranda Yoga Bra  and this thing was so comfortable I wore it all day! It’s actually very cute as just a workout top if you are comfortable wearing just that. Otherwise you can wear it underneath like I did.


The criss cross design in the top is cute and flattering and the wide straps offer support. I like that there are pads inside so that if you wanted to wear it as a top you wouldn’t have to worry about anything showing through. It also offers a little extra support. The back enclosure is just like a bra which is nice and you don’t find it in most sports bra. I like it because it gives you adjustment options. If we are working out to lose weight, we might need some adjusting!

The Balini Sport workout clothes are super comfy, sporty and they offer a unique selection of styles that you don’t see every day. Moms always joke about wearing Yoga pants all day and I guarantee this is a set you won’t want to take off!



Product Description

LoveWithin Capris

Move like a goddess in these ultra-comfortable, flattering yoga capris. Ditch your plain black leggings and make this stylish, high-performance design your new favorite piece of clothing. These capris will support you at the gym or help you look fun and sporty when paired with a sweater or your favorite tee. Designed to hug your curves without restricting your movement, this style features a reversible mesh waist. The design also features diamond gusset for maximum comfort. Looks great with sneakers, flip-flops, or a cute wedge. We’ve designed these pants with a heart design inside the calves to promote Love Within Yourself and foster awareness of love and peace while you practice yoga.

Miranda Yoga Bra

Miranda Yoga Bra is the improved version from our best-selling Miracle Yoga Bra, our new design gives a firm lift without wires that feels as good as it makes you look. After multiple revisions resulting from rigorous testing, we replace our stretch band with a specially engineered fabric that produces the same level of support without restricting your breathing. Women with enhanced breasts find they want to wear this bra inside the studio and out because the superior level of comfort and support. We are proud to say this is the best yoga bra ever created.


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