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A Pinnacle Event is a nuclear event so I knew just by the title and the image on front that this was going to be an explosive book, pun fully intended!

It did take me a while to get into it. There were several chapters that jumped between different characters involving the murders of five different people on five separate continents so it was hard to follow. Once it all started to come together I got more into it but this definitely isn’t an “easy read” or “easy listen” as the case is with an audio book.

As is typical of books involving the government and politics, it can get a bit wordy and deep and I found myself having to re-listen to certain sections just to get the gist of it. I consider myself an intelligent person but this book was not an easy one. I think it definitely would be better as a movie with the images to guide me! However, that being said, I was glad I was listening to the audio version instead of just reading it on paper. That always ads a level of excitement and intrigue to it.

Ray Bowman is American Intelligence and an intriguing character who is brought in to save the world! Who sold the stolen nukes and for what purpose? Whenever nukes are involved, potential world wars and millions of lives are at stake and he’s the man to figure it out!

The suspense increased as the book went on and I found it easier to get into and understand. Pinnacle Event would be great for those that really like these types of books.



About the Book

While in power, the South African apartheid regime made nuclear weapons. Later they told the UN that the weapons were destroyed. But in fact the weapons were secretly stored by a white South African exile group. Now they have been refurbished and sold, but to whom? American intelligence expert Ray Bowman is brought in to find out.

With the help of a black, female South African intelligence officer, he races around the world to discover who bought the bombs and what they plan to do with them. Washington fears the bombs are intended for American cities, timed to explode before a presidential election that is just weeks away. What Bowman discovers is that the people who control the bombs intend to do something so devastating it will make nuking a few US cities look like a mild attack.

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