The Sippy Cups that Jax Favors from #Bebek #Review


Jax is almost eighteen months and it appears we have entered the dreaded toddler stage! All of a sudden he wants to make all of his own decisions and heaven forbid we don’t agree with them! He has become very independent and wants to do everything for himself. He gets out his own bowls and utensils when it’s time to eat and is very picky about what he uses!

Up until now there has been one sippy cup that he would take his milk in. This can be very frustrating when said cup is missing or dirty! Thankfully we have a couple of new cups from Bebek and he likes both of them! It’s nice to have options!

Bebek Plus Flexible Spout Bottle with Handles, Tropical Paradise, 8 Ounce

Jax typically has six to eight ounces of milk so this is the perfect size for him at 8 ounce’s max. I like that the measurement is right on the side of the cup if you want to do less than 8 ounces and is shown in more than one type of measurement so you don’t have to do any conversions if you are going by milliliters instead of ounces.


I really like that this cup can grow with your child. The hands on the side that are designed perfectly for little hands to hold actually comes right off for when baby gets bigger and doesn’t need them anymore.


The curved design makes it easy for baby’s chubby little hands to hold onto easily once you remove the handle. The orange color is appealing to little ones and makes it easy for mommy to locate it!

At this age and stage, Jax knows what he likes and isn’t afraid to demand it. I’m relieved to have a cup that he goes for every time and happily accepts full of his favorite drink!


The included cover top’s off the cup to protect it from spills and germs when out and about completing the perfect sippy cup!

Product Description

Bebek Plus 8oz Flexible Spout Bottle with SenseFlo Silicone Valve. Recommended for babies 9+ months. Easy to use, dishwasher safe. BPA/PVC free. babies. Handles designed for a comfortably hold for both you and your baby.

Bebek Baby Plus Flexible Spout with Handle, Blue, 5 Ounce

The 5 ounce Bebek Baby Plus with Flexible Spout is very similar to the 8 ounce with a few differences.


This one only goes up to 5 ounces instead of 8 so it’s perfect as a first cup for babies. It’s short and small enough that it’s easy for them to hold in their hands and there’s not much effort required to tilt it to drink.

It has handles that are great for babies to hold onto that like the 8 ounce are also removable.

I love the baby blue color. It’s great for a boy and makes it easy to spot. It has the curved in sides if they choose to hold onto that instead of the handles. It also helps mama when she’s carrying it to not spill!

Speaking of not spilling, the SenseFlo Silicone Valve helps prevent leaks when baby decides to drop it in the middle of the floor!

The included cover makes it easy to avoid spills when you are on the go and at $5.54 on Amazon, it would be hard to find a more affordable alternative!

With a growing toddler Bebek has some great choices from first cup to older children. Jax has made these his personal preference whenever I give him the choice!



Product Description

Bebek Plus 5oz Flexible Spout Bottle with SenseFlo Silicone Valve to prevent leaking. Recommended for babies 9+ months. Easy to use, dishwasher safe. BPA/PVC free. Handles designed for a comfortably hold for both you and your baby.


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    The Sippy Cups that Jax Favors from #Bebek #Review

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