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Trying to get pregnant is a huge deal! It’s definitely one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life and one that will drastically change the world as you know it. I remember with all three of my pregnancies trying to pick out pregnancy tests and being frustrated with them for one reason or another.

First Response is a name that I recognize and one that always jumps out at me because to me it says: fast! When you are trying to get pregnant, it can be all consuming. It’s all you can think about. I remember counting the days until my missed period and then finally getting there and wondering if I should wait another day or two. With all the different tests out there; they all give different directions and it can be very confusing and overwhelming during an already emotional time.

With my first two pregnancies I got pregnant right away the first month trying. With my third, however, it took a little longer. I was thirty eight years old so past what the medical community considers prime child bearing age. Each year you age, your chances of getting pregnant go down significantly. This was very stressful to me! Once we decided to have a third baby, we knew we didn’t have time to waste. When I didn’t get pregnant the first month like I had with my other two I was devastated! I thought something was wrong. I thought it would never happen. We waited too long and I was too old.

I remember the next month trying again and playing the awful waiting game. That was the worst part. This latest test from First Response would have been a lifesaver at the time, or at least saved me some stress and anxiety! With results as early as six days BEFORE your missed period, that’s a week less of worry and wonder! And when you are trying to get pregnant, every minute can be an eternity!

It’s only been two years since I got pregnant with Jax but even since then their tests have come so far! I took one of the two tests included in the package just to try it out and was amazed! They took the annoying factors out of taking the test!


First of all, it’s curved! Now why didn’t anyone think of this before? We all have done the delicate balancing act of trying to pee on a little stick and NOT on our hand. It’s about as graceful an act as balancing while shaving in the shower but with a lot messier results if you slip! It was so easy to hold onto and use AND the handle is longer than before!


The other thing I noticed is the tip is huge! It’s 50% wider than the old design. I remember trying to make sure I peed on that one small little portion of the stick and seemed to get it everywhere but! This has a very wide tip so that you can’t miss.

I had the result in less than a minute with easy one little for not pregnant and two for pregnant. It also has the results ON the stick so you don’t have to refer back to the box to remember what it means. Is it just me or are you ever sad to see a negative result even when you know you’re not pregnant and you aren’t trying? I guess it’s just that part of me that will always want another baby even though I know in my heart my family is complete.


Getting pregnant is a magical thing but it can also be a huge stress. I love that First Response listened to women, changed their tests to be more comfortable, easy to use and most important: early! Even though I’m done having babies, I’m saving that second test just in case….




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The IE Mommy

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The IE Mommy


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    Get Results Early with First Response’s Newest Test! #IC #Ad #FirstResponse

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