Work Their Brains this Summer with Kanoodle Extreme! #Review & #Giveaway @Edu_insights #EducationalInsights


I like to keep my kids brains working over the summer so they don’t turn into moosh! Maybe it’s not all that bad but I definitely want to keep them sharp. My seven year old son Reed especially enjoys a good challenge so I thought of him when I saw Kanoodle Extreme, even though the recommended age is 8+.

I liked that it was for one player. He does really well with challenges like this and with just one kid playing at a time that means no fighting!

This is basically like an intricate puzzle that definitely makes you think outside the box, or in depending which version you are playing! In one variation of the game, the sliding 2-D sliding puzzles actually utilizes the sliding lid which is a great use of something that also doubles for storage!


I think Reed’s favorite way to play was the 3D version in which he built things!


There is also 2-D puzzles that seemed simpler to me.


I will say this was trickier than I expected and I even struggled a little in explaining it to Reed. That’s just not the way my mind works. Luckily his does and he was able to figure out Kanoodle Extreme without mom. So much for 8+!




Product Description

This third puzzler in the Kanoodle line has more mind-bending challenges. Kanoodlers can test their skill with 303 puzzles in these formats: Traditional 2-D, Traditional 3-D, and the new 2-D puzzles that feature a sliding puzzle board. These challenges help build spatial reasoning and critical thinking skills. Ages 8+.

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    Work Their Brains this Summer with Kanoodle Extreme! #Review & #Giveaway @Ed_insights #EducationalInsights

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