Jax’s Favorite Kind of Blanket is the Soft Minky! #Review #ScreamingOwl


All three of my kids have been blankie babies! They attached to a blanket from their newborn days that became their security blanket. While my seven year old eventually outgrew it, my five year old has never spent a night without hers and my one year old carries his around everywhere like a little Linus!

My favorite kind of blanket has always been the minky blanket with the soft, raised dots on them and silk trim. Babies are so sensory and it’s a big part of their development. The fact that they are super soft for cuddling is just icing on the cake.

With three kids I have seen many different blankets over the years and this one is a keeper! It’s very well made with thick material that is completely sewn together. Some of the cheaper ones separate because they are basically two just sewn together at the edges.

The minky material is plush and soft and the satin ruffled edges are so pretty! I am not a huge fan of the one we received. While the red side is beautiful, the cow print on the reverse side seems like a strange choice. We actually have a red and black car seat and stroller so this is a good blanket to keep with them that matches.

Even though I didn’t care for this particular pattern, it’s probably the most well made blanket in the house and all the other color combinations I have seen are beautiful. You can’t beat the price at just $14.40! I have paid way more than this for a similar blanket!


A blankie is security and comfort to babies and if they end up carrying it around for years like mine have; it needs to be a good solid well made blanket to withstand years of west and tear. The minky blanket from Screaming Owl looks like it’ll do just that!




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