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School’s out for the summer and the kids are on the loose! EEEEK! What are we going to do all summer? I am a little bit of an OCD type of person so organization, structure and schedules are really important to me. In addition to the “Silvestrini Summer School” I’m putting my kids through for thirty minutes a day, they will need to exercise for thirty minutes a day as well! It’s on the schedule so it WILL happen!

Unfortunately where we live gets some pretty high temperatures in the summer in excess of 100 degrees. While many days are great for hiking and biking, sometimes indoor exercise is necessary, especially when they issue heat warnings not to go outside! Just as I was trying to figure out how to deal with these days, I found Handee Band!

There are many things I love about Handee Band. The first is that it’s NOT a DVD or a class we have to go to. It’s something we can easily do anytime, anywhere! It’s a book with exercises that includes the Handee Band and a chart with erasable marker to keep track of progress! They are in a little zip pouch in the back of the book so that you can keep it all together and not lose anything!


I knew this was something my five year old daughter Paige would be into and I was right! She was really excited to get started. There are different characters in the book and instead of going in order like mama would like, she chose which exercise to do based on the character.


Luckily the corresponding chart shows the characters so it’s easy to keep track of whether you go in order or not.


The band itself is a stretchy material that is used in every exercise. The hand prints are a guide for the kids as to where to place their hands. The instructions are simple and easy so young readers could even do it themselves. Since I started with my five year old who just finished Kindergarten, I gave her the instructions and she carried them out.

My one year old was really interested in this and was beside her the whole time fighting for the band! It just goes to show that sometimes it takes something as simple as a fun, bright colored band to get kids interest and attention!


It took about thirty minutes to go through the whole thing which is exactly what I wanted to do for exercise. I’m sure as she gets used to it and can recognize what we are doing just from the picture it will take a little less time.


Kids have a tendency to get lazy and complacent over the summer without PE and recess forcing them to get out and play. The Handee Band allows them to exercise anytime and if my kids are any indication, they will have lots of fun doing it! Stay tuned because coming up on Monday the 8th I will have a Giveaway running for the Handee Band for five lucky winners!



About Handee Band

Welcome to our FUN and EXCITING strengthening and sensory exercise kit for kids ages 3 and up!! With Handee Bands, kids have a Handee way to increase strength in their upper bodies, core and in the fine motor muscles of their hands. Handee Bands have Handee Prints that show kids exactly where to place their hands so they’re always in the right spot! Teachers, parents, and therapists love this HANDEE BAND kit for children. Use it at home with the entire family, individually or in large groups in the classroom, at circle time or during centers, and even on the playground. Spend 10-15 minutes per day and pick the exercises you want. Watch how strong and confident your child will feel, by using Handee Band only 3 days a week!!


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