Design Your Own Jewelry with this Glass Pendant Jewelry Making Craft Kit! #Review #Jewelry


My five year old daughter Paige loves all things crafty and jewelry so this kit to make your own pendant is something I knew she’d really be into! It comes with everything you need to make six pendants pretty easily and comes in an adorable tin that can be used to store them in or even as a gift box if you choose to give it away!


I thought this would be a perfect gift for Grandma but Paige said she really wanted to make pictures of her family to wear for herself to remind her of how much she loves us. Well how could I say no to that?

She first said she wanted to make one with her baby brother Jax so we found a picture from his birthday party invitation that would be perfect for the long, rectangular size. The set comes with complete written instructions that were very simple to follow. I was able to direct Paige and let her do all the work.


The hardest part was having her be patient while we let it dry between steps for several hours and then letting it dry more before she could wear it after the final step.


I initially was thinking that this made six separate Pendants but it doesn’t come with six chains; just one, so it’s really more like one interchangeable set! This would be so cute for parents or grandparents to put a picture of each Grandchild in one and then they could swap them out and store them all in the tin. However if you’re thinking you can make six separate gifts; you can’t unless you get five more chains.

I liked how easy the instructions were to follow and that my five year old could do it on her own. We chose to use pictures we had but depending on the set you get; you could get a certain style or design with pre-printed designs. That would probably be a lot easier than trying to find a lot of tiny pictures but this was how Paige wanted to do it and it makes it so much more personal!


If you or your child like to make things, this is a great Jewelry Making Craft Kit that is good for just about any age and all of the pieces are good solid quality that should last!



Product Description

Make Your Own Amazing Art Nouveau Tile Tray Jewelry Pendants

Get started today with this easy to use Pendant Jewelry Kit. You get everything you need to make up to 6 great looking Pendants.

Use our abstract images provided or any of your own images.

Have a look at our free online video’s that shows you how to make your very own professional looking pendants

CONTENTS: • Clear glass tiles rectangle x2 • Trays – rectangle x2 • Clear glass tiles circle x2 • Trays – Circle x2 • Clear glass tiles oval x2 • Trays – Oval x2 • Wire Choker • Ball Chain • Glue • Images


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