How To Take Control Of Your Kitchen


Now and then you will look around your house and think, ‘how can I make it better’? Your home is a sensitive topic, and you will always be trying to modify it, whether it is a lick of paint or a full redecorating job. Kitchens tend to get the worst of the treatment. You want your kitchen to be fully functional, but you also want it to be stylish at the same time, and that is a hard mix to find. If you fancy taking control of your kitchen and finding that perfect mix, here is how.

  1. Paint

Paint is flexible. A lick of paint can totally transform the way your kitchen looks, and it only takes a couple of hours to do the job properly. You can pick a bright colour, so it looks bolder and stands out more, or you can go for a lighter shade that will make it look bigger. Whether it is the walls or the cabinets, a fresh coat of paint is the way to go. If you do plan on painting, take off all the knobs and handles on the drawers and cabinets and try out the colour scheme before you commit.

  1. Tiles

Tiles are another great way of modernising your kitchen while also keeping it functional. They add colour and make your kitchen look a lot more modern; they come in various colours and styles. Also, they are easy to clean. Tiles might seem retro or old school, but they are the perfect fit for the new, contemporary kitchen.

  1. Flooring

The floor of the kitchen takes up the biggest surface area, so it isn’t rocket science that it is incredibly conspicuous. As soon as you enter your kitchen it is the first thing you see. It works to your advantage, however, if you plan on making a big change. Because it is glaringly obvious, when you change the style of flooring it will transform your kitchen’s look. Try a laminated wood flooring as they are easy to keep clean.

  1. Appliances

Your kitchen’s appliances have a big factor on its look. Obviously, if the appliances are outdated, then your kitchen will look outdated. To negate this, shop around for modern yet effective kitchen appliances to renovate the kitchen’s style. Laminate bench tops and curved glass cooker hoods are just two of the ‘in’ appliances in 2015.

  1. Shelves

If you do it properly, shelves will update your kitchen. Don’t have them hanging from the walls, but try and make them inconspicuous for the best results. One of the best styles is to fit them into the décor, such as building them into the wall. It looks great, and it also gives you a lot more storage space.

  1. Doors

If painting is a too boring for you, change the doors and any fixtures with something new and exciting. For example, if you have conventional wooden cabinet doors, swap them for glass doors or MDF.

The majority of these are just small changes, but they will have a huge effect. Give them a try.

The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

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