Say Goodbye to the Wine Bottle Dance Thanks to Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener! #Review @Ozeri #Ozeri


Seriously, how did I ever live without this? I can’t believe I’ve spent my entire adult life struggling to open up wine bottles when there was an electric opener available!

I don’t know how many times I’ve done the wine bottle dance! No, it’s not the dance you do after you’ve had too much wine! It’s where you get the foil off and precariously try to pull the cork out while squeezing the bottle between your legs as you pull as hard as you can without pulling too hard so you don’t spill the contents when it finally gives!


Say goodbye to the wine bottle dance with this electric wine bottle opener! It’s heaven! It comes with an elegant recharging base, compact foil cutter and a bonus pourer and stopper.


I love the recharging base! It can sit on our kitchen counter as an attractive addition and not something ugly like can openers usually are. It also doubles as a charging station so you can keep it charging. It opens forty wine bottles on a single charge though so you probably won’t have to recharge too much! It’ll take me years to go through that many bottles!

I also like the foil cutter which I haven’t had before but definitely simplifies the whole process as well. A pourer and stopper complete the set and you have everything you need to quickly and easily open and enjoy a bottle of wine!



Product Description

The Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Opener makes opening wine bottles easy while entertaining your guests at the same time. Designed for home and restaurant use, its latest generation battery now opens up to 40 wine bottles with the gentle push of a button, all on a single charge. The Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Opener is completely cordless. It includes an elegant recharging base with an LED charging indicator, and an always needed foil cutter to remove wine seals. This new edition of the Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Opener includes a bonus wine pourer and stopper. The Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Opener opens both natural and synthetic corks. It also features an improved and new ultra light-weight design, a faster motor, and an ergonomic grip for effortless handling. Use it at home or take it with you to impress your hosts and guests before the first sip.
As seen in restuarants, the Ozeri Pro makes opening wine bottles easy and entertaining.
New improved 2nd generation battery opens up to 40 wine bottles on a single charge.
Opens a bottle of wine in just seconds with push button ease.
Ultra-light cordless design features an ergonomic soft grip that fits in the palm of your hand.
Includes an elegant recharging base, compact foil cutter and a bonus pourer and stopper.


Also Available in Stainless

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