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How fun is this clothing? There is so much negativity in the world today that sometimes you can’t help but be dragged down by it. I love the idea of wearing something that has a positive message attached to it. We could all use a little inspiration. If wearing something positive helps with that attitude than I’m all for it! And of course it doesn’t hurt when it’s absolutely adorable!

This shirt that I got is actually called Inspired by Opportunity and just happens to be in my favorite color and looks like the ever so popular Chevon print – at least part of it anyway! On each side are two letters: an A and an O which represent adversity and opportunity which are basically the two sides of any situation!

“Every Adversity carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”


What an incredible message of hope and encouragement! I like that it’s subtle and doesn’t have the whole quote scrawled across the shirt. It makes it a nice top instead of just a t-shirt which is where you find most sayings. It also invites the OPPORTUNITY for conversation! See what I did there with the “O” for opportunity?


I’m an introvert and it’s always extremely difficult for me to start talking to someone. This makes a great conversation piece and is also a very literal physical reminder to make the most of any situation. This would make such a fun gift for graduates this year!

The shirt itself is a very good quality and a nice thick material. It’s on the longer side and would look cute paired with leggings. After wearing and washing a few times there has been no visible shrinkage or fading so it stood my wash test!

Another adorable shirt available from All the Above is this Inspired by Mother Teresa shirt.


It has another incredible inspirational message that would be perfect for grads this year!

Since I’m a mom, I do dress pretty casual but I like to have a little fashion and flair to my outfits. In my opinion these are like upgraded t-shirts that you can dress up or dress down. They also present the unique opportunity to be inspired and inspire others by sharing their message! In addition, they share part of their proceeds to the charity of your choice!



About All the Above

Inspiration can be found almost anywhere. All The Above Clothing (ATA) helps their customers channel that inspiration into clothing that allows their customers to wear their heart, soul, and mind on their sleeve, and encourage and inspire others! ATA Clothing has been helping people get inspired through their brand of unique clothing based on quotes that are often submitted by their customers. Instead of just printing a quote on a shirt, each piece of clothing is designed with a hidden message interwoven in each design element.

With the launch of their new website, you can now shop by inspiration! Each month customers will get an email that highlights the chosen quote for the month and will show a new product as well, making it the perfect site to get inspired to find gifts for friends, family, or yourself!

If you have a graduate that inspires you this summer, check out the Inspired by Opportunity shirt—the perfect gift to let them know that the opportunity of adversity is something that can help them grow! With hidden design elements like the “A” and “O” that reflect the two sides to every challenge (adversity and opportunity), and vertical chevron arrows that remind your graduate that she will rise above any adversity in her life, this design is a meaningful gift that is sure to inspire her whenever she wears it!

You know your mom’s a saint, so why not let her know how much she inspires you this Mother’s Day with the Inspired By Mother Teresa top! Featuring a simple and chic design based on the inspirational quote from the mother of kindness herself, Mother Teresa, this shirt will remind her that “Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.”

All The Above Clothing creates high quality and stylish inspirational clothing that their customers love to wear. In addition, part of the proceeds goes to the charity of your choice!

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