This Flameless Tea Light Set is Perfect, and Safe, for Decorating! #TeaLights


I used to be one of those crazy candle ladies that had candles burning all the time and every room of my house! That all kind of changed when my toddler dumped a candles hot wax down my back while sitting on the toilet! Sad but true! It was definitely time to go flameless!

For a while I just went without until I discovered flameless candles. Now I have the ambience candles create without the danger. This little set of tea lights has gone a long way in decorating my home and are perfect to use like things for parties.

These candles come with safety in mind and there is a little strip that you have to pull out before they will work. Then they just turn on with the flick of a switch and they are good to go!


I have wall sconces in a couple different rooms in my house. I never light real candles in them because I’m scared a child will come along and knock them over and burn down my house. Now with these I can put them in without fear of danger but with the beautiful glow that they create.


I also set some up on our kitchen table just because I like that they create.


As soon as my daughter saw them and asked what they were, when I told her they were tea lights she said “then we must use them for a tea party!” Well of course!


This that came with a bonus set of tea wraps to create little makeshift candleholders. There are three different colors with beautiful designs that add to the ambience and I use them on our table.


They are easy to assemble with cooking one and the other and then just putting them around the candle.


I like that they flicker like real candles do. It adds a little something extra special to them.

There is just nothing more relaxing than candlelight and I love that I can now light my home with it without the risk of little people burning it down!



Product Description

TEA LIGHT HOLDERS INCLUDED FREE! 24 Decorative paper holder / wraps © (Patent Pending) – 3 styles and 3 colors (ivory, blush and black) in each box!
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DECORATE LIKE A PRO! 24 individually wrapped, realistic amber flickering flame LED candles fit in any candle holder or votive. From setting a mood and romatic evenings to parties, weddings, night lights or any event or venue!
24 BATTERIES INCLUDED! Cost effective, economical lithium ion CR2032 batteries make flameless candles last much longer than traditional tea lights!
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! We’re so sure you’ll love our flameless tealights as much as we do, that we offer you a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If for any reason you are not 100% SATISFIED, let us know and our customer service team will make things right. ONLY FROM FRUX HOME AND YARDTM Enjoy your Flameless Candles!


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The IE Mommy
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