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My daughter has super tangly hair. I mean it is awful! It is constantly a daily battle to brush it. It’s the worst part of my every morning.

Recently I decided to make it a priority to find something that worked for her. I wasn’t holding my breath on finding the perfect solution but I at least needed to find a better one than what we had.

A new brush was the first priority along with detangling products. This brush appealed to me for a couple different reasons. First, it was called a detangling brush so I knew it was designed for that. The fact that it was in my daughters favorite color of pink was just a bonus!

I liked the way the brush fit in the palm of my hand. It was designed with ergonomics in mind and since brushing hair is a daily chore, I want something that is comfortable.


Paige was excited to try it but I tried it on me first. It went through my hair easily and pulled out the tangles quickly and without pain. I have thicker hair and it doesn’t tangle a lot so the real challenge was going to be her thin, tangly hair that takes chlorine abuse!

I am not going to lie. It still hurt. I was hoping for a miracle but realistically when you have tangly hair and you pull on it, it’s gonna hurt! I start at the bottom and work my way up to minimize the pain but it still hurt her.

The good news is that the Epique brush did pull through the tangles much more quickly than her old brush so it took less than half the time. I didn’t find my miracle in a pain free brush but at least it works quickly and effectively detangles without having to go over the same spots!

Product Description

Stop ripping, start gliding! When you pull an ordinary brush or comb through your hair, you end up ripping down through the delicate strands. As you brush normally, our detangling brush glides through hair from side to side, effortlessly separating knots.
No more tears for your child or you! Why should combing out your little one’s hair be traumatic for you both? With our detangling brush, you can remove those stubborn tangles without causing your child any discomfort. Even the coarsest and thickest of hair can be detangled quickly, so your child won’t have to fight to keep still for long.


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