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Jax is at that age where he shows preference for everything! From the shoes he wears to the food he eats, this boy knows what he wants! If he doesn’t want it, it’s gone. Sometimes it’s dropped, thrown or literally tossed in the trash can! I have never seen a child so young have such strong opinions! In a way it’s good because he knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it.

I never thought something as small as a spoon would draw such strong reactions from him but the second he saw the package for the Dreambaby Soft Tip Spoons, he handed it to me to open. I’m sure the bright, fun colors really appealed to him. He walked around carrying on in each hand for hours before it was even time to eat. It’s always nice when he lets me know he wants something up front so I know in advance that this mealtime won’t be a fight! He even had one in one hand while riding his bike!


What I noticed when I put his spoons away with the rest in his drawer is that there is a noticeable size difference between these and the other brand of spoons I already had! I know babies start eating when they are smaller but I don’t think his mouth was ever this small!


Jax is now Mr Independent and feeds himself completely at seventeen months. I noticed that the food falls off these larger spoons a lot less often! I also did a bite test on them because they felt harder to me. The other spoons are a softer plastic that gives more but these are hard and not likely to get damaged by those teeth!


When it comes to spoons, size matters! And so does quality for that matter. But above all, a toddlers preference just says it all and Jax has spoken: only Dreambaby spoons for him!



Product Description

Dreambaby soft tip spoons help make that messy but magical milestone of baby’s first solids much easier.



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