The Easy Magnetic Snap Lock Closure Kids Water Sandals are Jax’s New Fave! #goldpigeonshoes


Jax is seventeen months old which is just the funnest age right now! It’s the age where everything they do is adorable! He is growing up so fast and loves to be independent and is very opinionated about what he wears. For some reason, he loves shoes! He always wants to have them on, even when we are just in the house going nowhere. When I get him dressed in the morning, and even if I don’t, he’ll bring me a pair of shoes to put on.

Since he is so set on wearing them, I’ve been working on getting him to put them on himself! Yes he’s very little for this but since he’s so determined, you can’t blame a girl for trying! These easy magnetic snap lock water sandals are the first I’ve seen where I think I have an actual shot of getting my toddler to put them on himself!

Since it’s magnetic, and literally snap locks itself shut, it’s pretty simple to close! For most kids they can get the shoes on their feet but the challenge comes with whatever closure mechanism it has. This has taken the difficulty out of the equation.


With super cute designs for boys and girls, the fun factor is definitely there! Jax has the blue pair with fun vehicles on it which is right up his alley!










I am really impressed by the quality of these shoes. As a mom, I want something on his feet that has great traction so he won’t slip and fall and is of good quality so that it’s comfortable and won’t fall apart.

Since they are designed to be water shoes, they dry quickly and easily and still stay comfortable to wear. These will be perfect for all of our beach and lake trips this summer.

A huge bonus of these shoes that I have never seen before is that the back strap is completely removable! You know what that means! It means he’ll get even more use out of them because he can grow just a little bit further than most without having anything pinch or hurt him. These shoes are such incredible quality that I know they will last long enough for him to outgrow them!

I am happy that Jax’s shoe of choice is a good quality shoe that has kinds of personality and best of all, he can almost get on entirely by himself thanks to the magnetic snap lock closure!




Product Description

*Easy & Secure Magnetic Snap Lock Closure *Fully Adjustable Padded Straps for Perfect Fit and Comfort *Convertible Heel Strap for Wearing 2 Ways *Shock Absorbing Mid Sole for Cushioning and Flexibility *Slip Resistant Out Sole Wet or Dry *Water Prove with Quick Dry Lining

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