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My little princess loves these princess books! Paige previously did the Princess Faith Sticker & Activity Book and loved it so I knew that Princess Joy would bring equal amounts of excitement! Her only complaint was that it wasn’t long enough so this arrived at the perfect time!

Paige gets so excited about these books that she goes through and does most of the activities the first day she has it. I try to teach her to spread it out a little but there’s no stopping her when she’s into something.

This book has 16 pages of activities with 50 stickers that are reusable. Paige likes the stickers the most. The first time she goes through and puts them on all the different pages. Then she goes back through and does all the written activities and coloring pages. She does things a little backwards which drives my OCD crazy but it works for her!

There is a story with the activities tied in so I like to read the story first and then complete the activities as we go. For example, the first couple pages are an introduction to the girls Joy, Grace, Faith, Hope and Charity. Next it talks about some of Princess Joy’s favorite things and you use a Word Bank to find them. Next is a picture that is part of the story and so on. I really like that it’s like they are helping create the story and bringing to life as they go.

The story pages are my personal favorite as a book lover. I love the bright bold colors and the girls actually remind me a lot of the princesses on Sophia the First. I think it’s smart to have them resemble current popular Disney characters since that’s what girls this age are drawn to.

If you have a little girl in your life, she is sure to adore the Princess Joy Sticker & Activity Book!


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