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Life can be challenging and difficult and sometimes it’s hard to remember one simple truth: prayer works! A great reminder of this is found in the verse Romans 12:12:

..rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer

That about sums it up doesn’t it? But it’s not always that easy. The products from H.O.P.E. offer a great reminder of this by literally wearing or using a physical reminder. Items like hats and cups have the logo stamped on with the message: Hang On Pray Everyday.


This year has not been an easy one for me. We are still adjusting to having to put my dad in a home for dementia care and my youngest has been sick basically the entire year. Last week I had to have leg surgery and right before, the whole family came down with the stomach flu. It’s easy to get lost and buried in the misery but we don’t need to because there is H.O.P.E!

Recovering from surgery I haven’t felt much like getting ready or doing my hair. It’s all I can do to get dressed in the morning. I figured it was the perfect time to try out my H.O.P.E. hat because it accomplishes two things. One: hide my dirty, messy hair and two: remind me of the power of prayer!


I really like things that have inspirational messages. These days there just seems to be so much negativity so I think every little bit of positivity helps! If you have to drink out of a mug anyway, why not make it a good one?


If you have to carry a backpack, why not carry a great reminder?


People need H.O.P.E. They need something to believe in and something to remind them that prayer works! I think these all make incredible gifts for those in your life that may be struggling and need a little uplifting! With graduation and Father’s Day coming up, what better message to give! The gift of H.O.P.E.!




Product Description

H.O.P.E.’s Black Brushed Cotton Cap is the perfect Father’s Day gift for the active dad in your life. Featuring a comfortable black cap with a white and lime H.O.P.E. logo, this cap is sure to turn heads and send a positive message out to the world whenever it is worn! Whether he takes it out on the golf course, the tennis courts, or just wears it around the house, the H.O.P.E. Cotton Cap will quickly become his favorite hat and a reminder to keep praying. $14.99

Looking for that perfect gift for the graduate in your life? H.O.P.E. Sling Backpack is great for the student in your life who has a lot to carry in their bag and in their heart. With this inspirational reminder, whenever they head out to class they can keep prayer in their hearts, and release any anxiety or worries! Whether they have graduated junior high and are just starting high school, or have just moved onto a college campus for the first time, students can easily get overwhelmed and need reminders to pray. Available in 4 colors, the H.O.P.E. Sling Backpack will be a functional and faithful gift that is going to help them carry their books and their prayers daily. $14.99

Sometimes a cup of coffee is exactly what you need to get through the day, and a cup of coffee in the H.O.P.E. Logo Coffee Mug will not only start your day out with the perfect beverage, but also prayer and a hopeful reminder that prayer changes lives, making it the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Whether she uses it in the mornings while doing her daily devotional, or for an afternoon pick me up, the H.O.P.E. Logo Coffee Mug is going to be one gift the mom in your life will cherish always! $8.99

H.O.P.E. was developed by a husband and wife team that was struggling to make their marriage work, as well struggling with the realities of illness. Realizing that their ability to get through their trying circumstances was a result of their hope and their faith in God, they wanted to find a way to bring this message to others and offer them inspirational gift items that were meaningful and encouraging. By including their H.O.P.E. logo on each item, the H.O.P.E. team hopes that their products can be an everyday reminder to pray and focus on faith and God in all circumstances.

In addition, 25% of all profits go to life, marriage and family affirming ministries that offer hope.

The IE Mommy

The IE Mommy

I am a stay at home mom of three; ages 7, 6 and 1! I love doing product reviews and finding the best things to use for my family. Reading and writing have always been my passions so this allows me to incorporate them with the things that mean the most to me!
The IE Mommy
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