DE 6 Port USB Charging Station and Surge Protector Strip #Review #USB


It wasn’t that long ago that I would have looked at something like this DE 6 port USB charging station and wondered, what the heck is that for? Now I know all too well what an invaluable device this is!

It seems like everything electronic that I buy these days comes with a USB charger, making this a necessity! From camera’s to cell phones, selfie sticks and even my kids toys, everything seems to be powered by USB cords. I quite prefer them to the old connector so this charging station is a little piece of heaven for me.

It’s just like your typical power strip except that it has six USB ports instead of the old plugs we are used to. It’s definitely a sign of the times when this has become my main charging station.

It’s really good, solid quality and I like that it’s white instead of black since most of my cords seem to be white as well. It has a nice, long cord so that you can reach most outlets without an extension cord.

It has an easy on/off switch so that you can turn the whole thing off when not in use. I’ve been reading a lot about saving power and one of the universal truths seems to be, turn things off because even when not being used, it takes power if it’s switched to “on.” This is a nice way to save a little on power. It also has surge protection so you won’t have anything fry with unexpected power issues.

At $29.99 this is about what I expected the price to be for a 6 Port USB Charging Station. I can’t live without mine!



710EnRKr6oL._SL1232_Product Description

Keep your mobile devices charged and protected with this DE 6 Port USB Surge Protector. It includes six USB ports, making it easy to charge up everyone’s headsets, phones, tablets, fitness devices, digital cameras/camcorders, handheld video games, MP3 players and anything else that can be charged through a USB cord. It protects against surges with up to 70 joules of protection and provides a total of 7.1 amps of current.


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